Bob G is an English foreign language teacher currently located in Moscow, Russia. While attempting to study Russian, teaching, and having lots of homework to grade, he updates semi-regularly about the goings on of EFL education, Russia and Russian news that is interesting for Americans (Bob G being American), and technology that is either cool or amusing to Bob G and like-minded people (You). In his spare time he hosts a few websites, finds interesting news on The Interweb, and plays games that often revolve around killing legions of ‘bad guys’ or plotting the eventual take over of the world. IRL he enjoys traveling, sports, driving, chess and hiking/walking.

This blog is his way of letting anyone who might be interested know that he hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth, and if he has, that the weather is great over here and you should come visit sometime.

If Bob’s interests are your interests, the add him to your RSS feed. If your interests are supporting Bob, check out the Google ads on the top of each page or Buy stuff to support his overseas expeditions.

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