Books are old fashioned, so I thought I’d also give you some movies I enjoy.  I hope these and my book selections will make up for my lack of strong tastes in music.

july 4th Independence Day – I’ve seen this movie over 50 times.  Most of them were with one of my best friends shortly after the movie came out.  This movie has one of the best presidential speeches ever given, real or fake.
Serenity Serenity – The thrilling conclusion to the wonderful TV series ‘Firefly.’ What? you don’t know of it? That is because the series was canceled in its first season.  Like Futurama, we hope it will come back someday.
Planet Bob Titan A.E. – Animated anime style movie about the end of earth and the search for a new place for humans to live.  very nice computer graphics.
Blue Pill The Matrix – If you haven’t seen this or don’t know about it, you might live under a rock behind the great Chinese firewall.
V V for Vendetta – A movie about anarchism, based on a comic book.  If not for X-men, it probably wouldn’t have ever been made.  This movie is like a modern 1984 and is a good attempt to try and show the public where big brother is heading.
Cowardice Ravenous – Ah, Morality. The last bastion of a coward!
The Dude Big Lebowski – Not a masterpiece, just funny.  I’ve got good memories of this film from watching it too much in high school.
In Russian The Irony of Fate (Ирония Судьбы или С лёгким паром!) – In Russian, with a really long name.  Its a comedic love story set it soviet Russia.  The comedy is only something someone who’s seen Russia would understand.
The boardgame Clue – A classic film interpretation of the great board game.  Makes me want to play afterwards.
Darko Donnie Darko – the first of 3 mind bending movies.  Its great the first time, but then you realize people actually believe in this stuff and you get jaded.
In German Run Lola Run – a film about “what if?” like a butterfly effect.  stopping for keys can mean the difference between life and death.
do you remember? Memento – neat to watch, or to watch people watch.  The end is just good enough to keep the whole thing together. is indeed powered by WordPress.
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