2 for 2

by Bob G in cross-posted, Uncategorical on May 9th 08

Extending my quiet and humble return to blogging. I’ve changed my LifeWikified template. I know, big whoop, 2 seconds of my life wasted, why bother. Well, at least I’ve done something today.

Whenever I Stumble Upon something I fancy, I’ll link to it from my wiki. If you need an occasion to buy me something. I’ll be 24 in late June, Christmas is next but if you want to save up and get something really cool check this out:

I’ll be 10,000 days old on Friday, 11/11/11.

If you’re reading this on LJ, I’m glad I’ve still got friends 🙂 I’ll be cross-posting everything on my website to LJ (assuming the plugin I just)

Things I will post about come hell or high water

by Bob G in Beyond Vladimir, Internets on May 7th 08

  • Tanks in Red square as per Mandy’s request. I hope to have at least 1 picture (me foreground, tank background probably not actually in Red square, although me in tank would be cool too).
  • My Bike, and the weather
  • My plans for the future, to get feedback

That is probably enough for one sitting, while I could make a huge list, then it would become daunting and I’d never get to anything. How’s that for getting things done started!

Can you tell the difference?

by Bob G in Uncategorical on Apr 16th 08

Between this:

and this:

Not Dead

by Bob G in Philosophical on Dec 14th 07

If you are reading this by RSS, then you’ll be the first to know I haven’t died, just sorta stopped writing here for a bit. This is usual for me, and my habitual waxing and waning of interest in things. If you aren’t reading this through an RSS reader then I’ve got 2 things for you: First, get an RSS reader!!! You don’t have to waste time going to all your regular websites that you must check everyday (excluding Facebook, etc). You can get news, blogs and updates from several sites all in one spot chronologically or semantically ordered! Second, I am thankful for friends like you who actually check up on me every so often, I hope this post is rewarding enough that you’ll continue to do so in the future (or better yet, get an RSS reader!)

Since I mainly write about my life and my interests here, I’ve removed most of the advertising junk from the page, and I hope it looks nicer and less busy now. I’d love to make money through a website, but I don’t think that this one is going to be it. There are lots of ‘personal’ blogs out there that are about how to make money, coincidentally, they all make money. It is sort of a pulling yourself up by the boot straps kind of thing. After the first 100 articles, there isn’t anything new, or the only new things are new gimmicks for making money. I don’t really want to sell myself out to that kind of blogging, even though it does make money. I’ve got other blogs for that.

Speaking of other ideas. I haven’t had a lot of them recently. Work is fairly regular and quite unproductively time consuming. I spend a few hours in the Moscow Metro everyday, and with all the transfers, noises, and cramped spaces, there isn’t much to to there but read. Yes, I do read. In fact, I finished my first short story in Russian without the help of any translator, dictionary, or friend. I know I didn’t understand every detail, but the plot was easy enough and I think I got a lot out of it. I have since gone back and looked up many words that I didn’t know, as to learn from my mistakes.

So here I am, without any inspirational ideas, or any motivation for the regular thoughts I do have. I’ve always got lots of projects, but lately I’ve not been a productive person. I only consume. I use stumbleupon far too much. I read and I watch and I listen, but I don’t write, think, or do. I’ve always had a thirst for entertaining new ideas, and the internet is full of them. I feel like I have an idea overload, so all the ideas don’t seem worth pursuing, and pursuing another idea that might be ‘worth it’ is a never ending task.

I’m pretty resigned to this state for the time being. I want to start several things, like building a fish tank and getting some plants, but I can’t because I’m about to leave Moscow for over a week and fish/plants would die in that time. So, I guess I’ve started making some ‘New Year’s Resolutions.’ Here is to hoping I keep them, and they are just a bunch of talk.

Read for rewards!

by Bob G in Uncategorical on Oct 4th 07

I may not be able to offer my readers reward for reading my blog regularly beyond the obvious rewards of the excellent content and writing that you can only get from bobg.net. What I can do is tell you about RSS feeds. Almost everyone has them, I do. John Chow does and even this guy.

RSS allows you to get all of your wonderful content from all over the internet in one place (such as google reader). RSS feeds are a relatively accurate way to judge the size of your reader base. While most people won’t sign up for this easy to read format, a certain percentage always do. The more you have, the more popular you are.

Which brings me to a great RSS popularity contest between John Chow dot Com and shoemoney.com. John wants to get more readers, and you want to read what he has to say! If you ever wanted to make money passively on your website, he knows every trick and tactic.

Now, you may not think that content is enough to sign up for daily news from any website. That is why John Chow is giving away tonnes of prizes to people who sign up for his full RSS feed now! So, if you haven’t ever tried RSS, or if my RSS feed (the green button on the right) isn’t enough for you, then now is the time, and the rewards are at their best. If you still don’t like RSS, but want to read about making money online with John Chow, you can go to his site and sign up for e-mail updates instead.

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